Hi, I’m Giulia Elba. My name is pronounced like “Julia” and is misspelled at least once a day here in the United States. I am named after both my grandmothers, Giuliana and Elbita. Elba is a venezuelan name and always run in the family as it was my great-grandmother’s name as well.

I was born and raised in Italy, and was lucky enough to spend my days by the lake and mountains, where I’ve sailed for the first time long before walking and skied shortly after. I’ve been a passionate sailor since then, spent my teenage years Laser sailing and Melges 20 sailing since the University years. 

Had a proper Fashion education with a degree in Fashion Marketing at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan, where I graduated in June 2013 with a thesis on the impact of sports, more specifically surfing, on the Fashion world.

My husband and I met sailing and had a small wedding in Lake Garda, Italy. Just one month after our wedding we found out we were expecting so we embarked in our greatest adventure yet.

We are currently based in North West Florida, in the last few years we’ve been following the America’s Cup, an incredible journey that took us to the island of Bermuda, where we’ve spent two years and then after a gap year in Lake Garda, Italy, we packed our bags again and moved to the United States, first to Newport, RI and then to Pensacola, FL. We will soon be moving back to Newport and there is quite a lot more traveling at the horizon for us.

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At the moment I will be enjoying motherhood for a while but here is my background: I am a Communications Consultant specialised in Digital Communication.

During my time in Italy I’ve been following freelance digital projects related to Social Media and worked as a digital editor.

Social Media Manager for the Swedish challenger 'Artemis Racing' for the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda, the oldest trophy in history and most prestigious sailing competition since 1851.

Before starting freelancing I worked in the Max Mara Fashion Group as Corporate Communications Specialist, where I was in charge of the management of one of the brand’s e-commerce shooting production. I followed the process in its entirety, from product set up to the post-production alongside the creation of digital content for social media, and coordination of all the talents involved from the photographers to models castings. To date, this was the working experience that helped me grow the most as being part of the creative team of the Corporate Communication Office I supported and assisted all the daily tasks of the office that included the preparation of ADV campaigns photo shoot setups and the management of national and international public relationships, the design of communication projects for in-store events and the follow-up of marketing material, giving me a broad experience in all areas of Fashion Marketing and Communication.